You have reached the personal website of Ashley Portero – writer, reader, traveler, wanna-be yogi and obsessive Wikipedia reader.

I’m a copywriter and freelance writer based in Miami, FL. Previously, I covered U.S. politics and civil liberties at the International Business Times. 

Before that, I was a news writing hound at Brafton News, producing up to 15 articles per day for a variety of subscribed clients. I got the gig of my life during my last semester at Emerson College, covering the police scanners, obituaries and the occasional regatta at The Boston Globe.

My work has also appeared in Patch, Go Overseas, The Boston Business Journal and The Real Deal.

My journalism career started my sophomore year of high school when I realized it was unlikely I could make a career out of writing fan fiction stories. I worked on my high school newspaper, The Beacon, and then my college newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon (because I believe in the rule of threes, I fully expect my byline to appear in another “beacon” publication before I exit this lovely world).

I lived and worked in China as an English teacher for three years. You can read about my Chinese travel and cultural adventures on my blog, Stranger In a Red Land

I’m based in Miami, FL. When I’m not working or being sucked into Wikipedia black holes, I enjoy reading, cooking, museum-hopping, lounging at cafe’s and watching anything produced by PBS.